Monday, 2 May 2016

Art reflection 2016

What was I learning this term? This term we were learning to. Connect to the arts using music, visuals and ,etc. How was your learning connected? This year my learning was connected because. We had to draw our mountains which are spoken of in our Mihi. We also had to make/create our rivers. Another way our work was connect was using an app on our iPads called aurasma, with this app you can record audios, videos, etc. And afterwards you can download it on to something in real life and then whenever someone is using the app they can scan their device over that object and your recording will show up on their device. I think my soundscape was relational. Because I use the toy pigs we had in the classroom to make the sound of ducks. And whistled to make the sound of the blackbirds. And I helped others (a lot). Over all. I think it went pretty well because I helped other and came up with new ideas.

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