Sunday, 1 November 2015

Arts term reflection


This term our class He Tangata have been learning about the arts. Since the start of term three we've been learning about the arts because on September the seventeenth 2015 the whole school was going into Christchurch city to do a massive performance.  When we got to town we went to the Commons and set up a couple of mats for us to sit on we weren't to get wet when we got on the grass. At the Commons there were big grandstands that were set up for the adults to sit on. 

How the performances went and my personal highlights.

While we were at the Commons we all had to be in a play. We had been working on these plays for weeks now and it was about time we showed them to someone. I was in the first part of the play our performance was called singing solo. My favourite part of our play was the dance because personally I like dancing and some of the moves other people in our play came up with were really creative. But the most exciting moment for me was when we were doing the he play at the end. Because that's when my parents arrived.

How did we connect to our audience while performing.

While doing our performances (separate and social) we had to connect with the audience in many different ways. For example while I was doing the play with my group in was on an angle so I was facing the group and the audience at the same time. I also saw that Harry and Ben K were giving hand signals for the audience to come up and dance. 

What maori values did I connect to.

The maori values I connected to were whanaungatanga and manaakitia. I choose manaakitia because I was caring for the people around me and reminding them of their lines.

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