Thursday, 29 October 2015

An unexpected argument

My brother was always annoying me, but tonight was a bit different than other nights. All I can say is something very unexpected came to meet me.

There I was in my room, reading my book. Everything seemed calm but suddenly I thought, it's a bit too quiet. My brother hasn't  annoyed me at all since we got home... strange. Maybe I should just ignore it, regrettingly thinking to myself.

But just then, in the moment, I could hear the footsteps of my little brother Blake running down the hall from a small distance. Then suddenly BAM, my door went flying open!

"Ha ha you're a poopy head hehehe!" My little brother giggled while continuously and drastically hitting me like a maniac.
"Blake get out of my room now, and I mean it!" I ordered at him.

"Never!" he replied.
"Get out!" I furiously shouted  at him, while at the same time threatening him with a big knuckle sandwich; but not quite punching him because I knew the consequences that would come and drag me down. And when I say consequences would come and drag me down, I refer to Mother!
"Aargh get out!" I once again ordered to my brother.
"Hehehe" then he started darting down the hallway.
Then suddenly, boom! Caught red handed by Mother! 

It was like time was frozen. My brother stood still with a small smirk on his face. "Blake why are you running down the hall?" my mum was looking concerned at my brother.
"Mason was hurting me" my brother wined.
"Mason!" my mum shouted.
"Yes..." I moaned.
"Have you been hurting your brother?" Mum said in a annoyed voice.
"No!" I complained.
"Then why is he crying?"
"I don't know!"
"That's it go to your room!"
My brother’s always getting me in trouble, but that was one of my worst moments.


  1. little brothers are the worse and my one gets me in trouble as well. you described it well and painted a picture in my head.

  2. Trust me, sisters are just as bad. Especially when they are younger. They get out of everything by using the cute face. :(. And they always argue and talk back. You described it really well. Keep going