Monday, 21 September 2015

The birth of my little brother

Do you have a younger sibling.  Maybe they’re an annoyance to you and when you try to fight back, they say started it. Or maybe they let you borrow something and then say you stole it, or they sneak into your room and mess it up and you have to clean it. I have a younger brother and this is how he came to be.

It was 2010, June 30 and about 7:00 at night at Christchurch women's hospital. I was five years old at the time and I was about to experience the best thing to ever happen to me... so I thought. But what I didn't know was a sticky surprise would meet me one day! You're probably wondering how I remember the exact time and date? Lets just say it was a life changing experience.
Anyway, back to the story.
I was outside of the patient's room with my Dad because I wasn't allowed to watch the birth of my little brother. Apparently it would be too gory for me.  Like come on why would I think that? Well I guess I was only five. 

While I was sitting outside the room I heard a big belching "Aarrgghh!" that came out of my Mums mouth. Once again, my mother screaming with excruciating pain. Oh the horrible feeling that must be to give birth.

Finally it was all over. I was allowed to come into the room.  Then, there he was, my little baby brother Blake.  My brain was overflowing with raging excitement.
When we got home I was flying of the walls like popcorn in the microwave! It was best day of my life.

Then suddenly in about two years time he said his first proper sentence and the words that came out his mouth were "Mason is a poo-poo!" 
And from then I've always wondered, why  was I excited to have a little brother? Especially one like this? Now he steals and hides my money, he changes the channel when I'm trying to watch TV and worst of all, he comes and destroys my woodwork creations! All just to annoy me! Not my friends, but me!

But, he can be pretty fun from time to time. Like the time he helped me build our tree hut, or that one time he had a nightmare and jumped into my bed, and there was also the time he woke me up at 5:00 in the morning because it was Easter Day .
So I guess that proves having a younger brother isn't so bad after all. What have I learned from all this? To never judge a book by its cover.  Wait let me rephrase that. Never judge a sibling by its cover.

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