Monday, 3 August 2015

Science reflection

This term we have been learning how to be a scientist.  A quality of a scientist I showed was using evidence.  I did this by

  • Checking the bank stability

  • Seeing how much sediment was at the bottom of the stream

  • Looking at the stream flow

  • Checking the shade over the stream

  • Looking at how far the buffer of vegetation

  • Checking what plants are surrounding the area

  • Seeing the thickness of the algae in stream

  • Looking at what types of invertebrates were living in the area

We also had to investigate.  We investigated.

  • Water health

  • The invertebrates

  • The algae in the stream

We had to make tough decisions.  Like.

  • What job to take

  • Who to listen to

  • Who to sit next to

We also had to critique.  Here's some of my critiques.

  • Suggesting improvements

  • Asking to help them with Certain Thing

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