Monday, 3 August 2015

Maori reflection

What were we learning?

Our class have been learning about Maori culture,ritual and parts of a powhiri.  A powhiri is one of the many Maori rituals.  A powhiri is also a welcoming ceremony  for greeting other iwi.  Iwi is Maori for tribe.  We now know when and how to use a powhiri.

How did I feel the start of the year and how I feel now?

At the start of the year when we started  learning about Maori culture I didn't really know much about what we were about to learn.  So I was unistructural meaning I had one or two ideas about our learning and possibly enjoy it.  At the start of term two I had gained more and more knowledge about Maori ritual.  Meaning I was at a stage called multistructural I had three or more ideas in my head.  And at the end of term two I was relational.  Meaning I had three or more ideas in my head and I could relate them I could sometimes also get some of my ideas and then make a even better idea.

What changed the way I feel?

The thing that changed the way I feel now is the point that since we have been learning about Maori ritual for quite a while now so I've been getting used to it.  Which built me more and more confidence.  The reason why I think it's important for me to participate in this ritual is because it's important for me to know these are reasons I need to know these things.

  • In case someone asks me to give them info about Maori culture

  • In case I have to go to a Marae

  • In case someone want me to sing them a waita

Here's the link to the poroporoaki and mihi whakatuo.

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