Monday, 18 May 2015


So there I was, with  my family walking home from a fancy dinner at a restaurant. Everything seemed normal. As my little brother and I were scampering home I noticed, as I peeked through the window, that the cat was trying to get something from underneath the couch. So my brother and I walked in through the door as silent as an anaconda so we wouldn't bother the cat. Then suddenly right out of the blue bang! A mysterious black object emerged from under the couch.

The unknown object zoomed up to the roof like the time I was chased by a ram in one of my dreams. Then something fell off the object.  It was a leg then I realized it was bird. Then I remembered the mouldy bread in the cupboard. So I quickly grabbed it, through it out the door and the bird was gone. But the cat was still going ballistic.

Huh! Wow, it was all a dream. Was it an awfully crazy dream or was it nightmare? Well, good thing it wasn’t real … or was it? Dun dun dunnn.

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  1. Wow Mason! That was amazing! I liked it how you called the bird an 'unknown object'. It reminds me of when my best friend used to keep chickens, but one of the cats got one of the chicks. 😢
    Anyway, back to the subject, that piece of writing was amazing! And by the way, was it a night,are or was it real?