Sunday, 10 May 2015

Autumn at waimairi school

Leafs lay limp

And pile in a mountain

Feeling crusty like wontons,

Rustling through the wind.

Flowers drown in on-and-off showers,

Looking dead and sad,

Drooping down to the ground.

People stomp in muddy puddles

Making tsunamis in tiny puddles

Swarming around people's shoes.

Mud spreads across the grass like butter on toast.

Smell mashed grass mixes with various things and

Smudges on people playing sports.

Rain dribbles on my face and drips in to my shoes

Feel  dew drops shiver down my spine

Goose bumps overwhelm me.

Wind gusts through the bushes and

Seeing the branches dance

As beauty fills the air.

But one bunch of flowers bloom in no notice

Smells more perfect than last nights dinner

As walking past the sign of spring in this leafy mine field.

1 comment:

  1. I loved the way this made me feel like I was there. Awesome describing words.