Thursday, 8 December 2016

Character description

As it walks into the room people stare, point and whisper, wondering if it's a boy or a girl.
It strolls across room looking down at its white vans. They fill me with determination.
The phrase determination reminds me of a video game, it's called Undertale. It's about a kid that gets trapped in a underground world filled with crazy creatures and monsters and has to survive until he or she find a way back to the surface.

As it looks up, you see the truth and your questions have been answered from the look in his eyes. His plain white shirt has a green triangle with an eye in the middle. It looks like it was spray painted on. I think the symbol was representing the Illuminati. And his thick purple hair has a streak of dark black on his fringe. His dark blue jean have rips and tears in them.

But if you're gonna ask someone something, remember, don't judge a book by its cover.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Speech 2016

This year my speech was about trust and how we need to be able to trust each other more.
I was learning to use language devices ( for example) rhetorical questions, power of three, simple sentences and more.
Speech writing was really hard on me this year because at the start of writing I didn't know but then  near the middle it was a bit easier but then when I got near the end it became a lot harder.
I can use one part of the speech structure (rhetorical questions).
I had Many ideas connected to my point of view.
I used several language devices to persuade and connect with the audience.

Please click here to listen to my speech or read it below.

Do you trust me? If so why? And if not, also, why?
Ok so if you don't trust me, you might want to reconsider that statement of yours. Do you trust me to walk your dog, or do you trust me to babysit your younger sibling, or do you trust me that I trust you? We need more trust in the world. It's time we start trusting each other more.

People are always watching us. on cameras. but we don't know who those people are. so I have a complaint, we have no privacy. And remember they are always watching us.
Imagine that you were sitting at a desk watching a screen looking at everyone in the convenience store. But then you see someone steal a 2. Litre carton of milk what do you do? Do you sprint for it and try catch them or would you just let them stroll along and steal the nice, cold, refreshing drink.
You see it's reasons like this that we need to build up a better community. But watching them is not the answer. But still people also need to stop stealing. Maybe if jobs pay people a bit more, we would be able to trust others more, and wouldn't have to film them to catch them stealing.

Connecting to that idea, we need more trust in the government. They don't trust us not to steal or not to knock thing of shelves or it to start fights. Think about it if the governments put up security cameras around malls, shops, museums and more doesn't that mean that he doesn't trust our community and if the government doesn't trust us then we start to lose faith and trust in the government.
The government has been lying to us a lot. they said that The vast majority of the buildings in Christchurch came through and survived the earthquakes in good shape. But actually around 30 to 50 percent of the city was destroyed because of this natural disaster. # lie detector activated!
That makes me feel a bit edgy and not trust the government.

We need more trust in the world.
Because can you really trust me I'm not sure, it's your Decision. But remember if you see cameras watching you don't worry about it, or you if you think that a certain someone lying to you, think about it from another perspective. And finally remember to always be trustworthy and don't be that untrustworthy uncle that shows up with a new wife every New Years.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Tap, tap, tap

Have you ever been scared of something but it turns out to be ridiculous, like something jumps into your camp cabin but it's just a possum trying to get a snack. Well I have, and this experience involves a tv, me, my mum, and an evil being.

(My perspective)
I'm in bed staring at my roof trying to get to sleep. It's boring staring at this plain white roof boring, boring, and still boring. When is something exciting going to happen?

“This is news, news, news, news!” (I hear in the distance coming from the lounge)
“...and we’re here with a report of a mysterious tall black figure, tapping on windows and then when people go to check, the tall figure just stares at them and then leaves after a while.”
Woah thats creepy I say to myself. I swear under my breath. “Fudge sticks”. I shiver with fear like I had just been jump scared by Freddy Kruger.

(Mum's perspective)
I stumble into bed, not knowing what will happen next. My eyes are glued to my phone, not really thinking about anything in particular.
It's twelve o’ at night and I'm sitting in bed waiting for something to happen. And then suddenly I hear a tapping noise on the window. Tap, tap, tap. I wonder what it is. Oh no, maybe it's that guy I heard about on the news...
By now I feel like curling up in the corner of my bedroom and dying, but I overcome my fear and scramble to the window, swipe away the curtains, only to see nothing but the pitch black night sky. I jump back into bed with an uneasy feeling, like someone's hiding in my closet ready to slaughter me.
Then I hear a tap, tap, tap… As it's getting closer and closer, I have random thoughts zooming through my head. Am I going to die? Why me? I'm not ready for this! I creep over to the curtain, starting to regret this. But I push away the curtain anyway and it turns out it was just our cat trying to get inside.

(Cat perspective)
“Why hello hairless ape”.
“Would you be ever so kind enough to let me in”
(mum opens window)
“Thank you. Now I'm going to fart on your son's face and begin to beg for food”.
“Good bye slave”.

(My perspective)
“Well hello there”. Ew what's that smell. Meow Squeaked the cat.


I was learning to use the present tense in my writing and to structure my writing into paragraphs.
I improved on using emotions to evoke the reader.
My next steps are to focus on my writing by working by myself, and to punctuate my writing as I go.

Monday, 30 May 2016

I am not Casper.Smith

I am not…

I am not Casper Smith. Just because we both have freckles or because we're practically the same height, does not mean I am Casper Smith. Just because we both go to the same school and we both hang out a lot does not mean I am Casper Smith.

It also means Casper Smith is not Mason Buckingham.
So I want you to remember this. Just because you're tall does not mean you play basketball or because you have grey hair does not mean you are old.

So I have one last thing to tell you.
I want everyone to rip of all the labels.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Art reflection 2016

What was I learning this term? This term we were learning to. Connect to the arts using music, visuals and ,etc. How was your learning connected? This year my learning was connected because. We had to draw our mountains which are spoken of in our Mihi. We also had to make/create our rivers. Another way our work was connect was using an app on our iPads called aurasma, with this app you can record audios, videos, etc. And afterwards you can download it on to something in real life and then whenever someone is using the app they can scan their device over that object and your recording will show up on their device. I think my soundscape was relational. Because I use the toy pigs we had in the classroom to make the sound of ducks. And whistled to make the sound of the blackbirds. And I helped others (a lot). Over all. I think it went pretty well because I helped other and came up with new ideas.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

My special person

My special person.

Grey misty hair
Hangs on to
Her shoulders.

Her wrinkled
Face smiles
At me.

The jeweled
Pounamu grips
Around her neck.

Her hazel
Eyes stare
At me.

Her voice, beloved
And friendly,
Comforts me.

Kind but
Grumpy at times
Just like my cat.

Welcoming and willing.
She owns many gems,
Including herself.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa.

She stares at me
Like the mockingbird.

The trees smudge
Into the background.

The water with its misty,
mysterious look tortures me.

The sky dark and gloomy
Like the devil.

An unknown shadow
Hides in the lake.

An opening in the forest
Waits to be found.

Mona Lisa is trapped in a canvas,
Hoping to be released.


Reflection. In this poem I have been learning to use similes and metaphors in my writing. My poem is currently in a relational state because I can write down many of my own ideas and compare and relate to them. My next steps are to help others with their writing if I've already finish mine. Questions Who really is Mona Lisa? What is Mona Lisa's past? What was the purpose of this painting?